The practice of sending targeted marketing material via electronic mail , has become one of the most popular and successful marketing tools in use today.

Using attractive email communications is a fantastic way to build and develop customer relationships and generate new partnerships.

We can offer you an advertising e-mail marketing: - presenting your new offers , - great deals on the latest products, - informing customers that the latest and best product release is just around the corner.

E-Marketing tools and techniques can serve you to build and retain good solid customer relationships generate new customers and increase sales.

Using e-Marketing is a proven way to increase your sales and customer base.

E-Marketing campaigns have been shown to return a higher level of success in attracting and maintaining customers.

We can design your e-mail newsletter and send it to our members according to your schedule and timing.

REGULAR PRICE for one newsletter is 200$
DISCOUNT PRICE for 2 newsletters/per month is 350$
DISCOUNT PRICE for 1 newsletter/per 6 months is 900$
DISCOUNT PRICE for 12 newsletters/year (one monthly) is 1500$

Please contact us by mail to order your e-Marketing campaign